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August 2014: The Magnetic Field of Binary Stars

Close binary stars with late-type, solar-like components are among the most active stellar objects known. The combination of vigorous convective motions with rapid rotation promotes efficient dynamo operation, which entails a plethora of magnetic activity considerably stronger than on the Sun. Examples include extensive dark spots in the photosphere, enhanced chromospheric emission, and high-energetic flaring events in the corona. The magnetic field has a decisive influence on the structural, dynamical and thermal properties of the atmosphere of these stars. However, since even in the case of...(Read more)

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from Jo Bruls

July 2014: Prof. Berdyugina nominated for the L'Oreal - UNESCO Award For Women in Physical Sciences

Created in 1998, the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science International Awards program identifies and supports five eminent women in science throughout the world. Each year, five Awards Laureates are recognized for their contributions to the advancement of science, in Life or Physical Sciences in alternating years. After an internal selection procedure among the qualifying scientists in the 89 Leibniz institutes the president of the Leibniz Association has nominated the deputy director of the KIS, Prof. Svetlana Berdyugina, for this award. Besides her personal scientific excellence her...(Read more)

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