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February 2015: Small-scale magnetism of stellar atmospheres

Numerical simulations of the surface layers of four dwarf stellar models of effective temperatures 4000 K, 5000 K, 5770 K (the Sun), and 6500 K, corresponding to spectral types M3, K3, G2, and F5, respectively, have been carried out. All models show bright filamentary features in the intergranular space, which are due to small-scale magnetic flux concentrations (see figure).The analysis revealed that the maximal magnetic field strength at mean optical depth unity (stellar surface) monotonically increases from 1500 G at T_eff = 6500 K to 2200 G at T_eff = 4000 K. The small-scale magnetic...(Read more)

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February 2015: 1st CASSDA School for Solar Observers in April

The Center for Advanced Solar Spectro-polarimetric Data Analysis (CASSDA) at KIS is organizing a School for Solar Observers on Tenerife. The school will take place at the Observatorio del Teide on 20-25 April 2015 and is aimed at students and young postdocs who want to learn about solar ground-based high-resolution observations. The program includes taking your own observations at the GREGOR telescope, the largest solar telescope in Europe, learning about data calibration, complementing ground-based observations with satellite data, and simply experiencing the life of an observer at 2400 m...(Read more)

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