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October 2014:  Wave phenomena in sunspots

The highly dynamic magnetised solar atmosphere exhibits a wealth of oscillatory magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) waves. These MHD waves are thought to play an important role in the transport of energy to the solar chromosphere and corona since they are channeled by the magnetic fields. Oscillatory phenomena present in sunspots are investigated from an observational point of view by means of a 1-hour time series acquired with the ROSA and IBIS instruments at the Dunn Solar Telescope in Sacramento Peak, USA. The data consist of high-resolution observations taken simultaneously at different...(Read more)

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from Sebastian Hoch

October 2014: Comparison of image reconstruction methods of solar observations taken with high spatial and temporal resolution

Image reconstruction algorithms are today’s most sophisticated tools astronomers have at hand besides telescopes. They are not only used to decrease artifacts, they are also capable of restoring information hidden in the turbulent motion of Earth’s atmosphere. In this thesis two of these algorithms are presented and their basic physical assumptions and theory are explained. Because these algorithms have a high computational effort they are implemented in modern computer programs, which run on computer clusters. Although these methods have been known for decades even recent implementations...(Read more)

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