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January 2015: New insights on the process of penumbra formation in sunspots

Sunspots are the most prominent manifestations of the solar magnetic activity visible on the solar surface (~6000 K), which is heated by convection bringing up heat from the interior. They are composed of a dark and cool (~4000 K) umbra surrounded by the filamentary penumbra (~5000 K). These different regimes are due to different magnetic field properties which produce different modes of convective heat transport. Studies of fully developed sunspots with data from Hinode satellite revealed that the umbra-penumbra boundary stays stationary, and the strength of the vertical component of the...(Read more)

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January 2015: Beginning of Ph.D. appointment for Sebastian Hoch

With increasing aperture size of telescopes, the maximum possible theoretical resolution of observations increases as well. This leads to the possibility of observing structures and phenomena, which have not been discovered yet. With the help of the solar telescope GREGOR, these observations can be achieved with unprecedented quality. In the scope of the dissertation, Sebastian Hoch will observe the chromosphere with spatial and temporal resolution, reaching the limit of the technically feasible. For this, the Broad Band Imager will be equipped with a new CCD camera, which is capable of...(Read more)

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