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October 2014:  Wave phenomena in sunspots

The highly dynamic magnetised solar atmosphere exhibits a wealth of oscillatory magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) waves. These MHD waves are thought to play an important role in the transport of energy to the solar chromosphere and corona since they are channeled by the magnetic fields. Oscillatory phenomena present in sunspots are investigated from an observational point of view by means of a 1-hour time series acquired with the ROSA and IBIS instruments at the Dunn Solar Telescope in Sacramento Peak, USA. The data consist of high-resolution observations taken simultaneously at different...(Read more)

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October 2014: Beginning of Ph.D. appointment for Andrei Gorobets

A new analysis method for solar surface magnetism. Standard algorithms for tracking small scale magnetic features sufferfrom ambiguities due to the intrinsic complexity of the featureinteractions which are driven by photospheric convective motions.In his Ph.D. work, Andrei Gorobets will work on an alternative conceptfor tracking the evolution of photospheric magnetic features, whichsidesteps the uncertainties of conventional direct feature trackingmethods. The new method essentially considers the magnetic fluxevolution pixel by pixel in a time-ordered sequence of magnetograms: theflux in...(Read more)

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