Kiepenheuer Institute for Solar Physics

The Kiepenheuer Institute for Solar Physics (KIS) conducts experimental and theoretical investigations of physical processes on and within the Sun. Its headquarter is in Freiburg, Germany. The KIS operates the german solar telescopes at Teide Observatory on Tenerife (Spain) where most of the scientific observations are performed. KIS offers lectures on astronomy and astrophysics at Freiburg university and trains young scientists.

Picture of the Month

The VTF (Visbile Tuneable Filter) is a two-dimensional high-resolution spectropolarimeter and is currently developed at the Kiepenheuer Institute. As one of the state-of-the-art scientific instruments at the future 4-m-class telescope DKIST on Hawaii it will play a major role in the next decade of solar observations.

The setup of the VTF consists of several Fabry-Pérot interferometers (FPI), a wavelength-dependend narrow pre-filter and a polarization modulator. Due to the requested accuracy of the physical measurements, an investigation of the instrumental impacts on the physical data acquisition was required in advance. Based on the inquired simulations, the requirements for manufacturing were inferred and strategies for the data calibration developed.

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