Kiepenheuer Institute for Solar Physics

The Kiepenheuer Institute for Solar Physics (KIS) conducts experimental and theoretical investigations of physical processes on and within the Sun. Its headquarter is in Freiburg, Germany. The KIS operates the german solar telescopes at Teide Observatory on Tenerife (Spain) where most of the scientific observations are performed. KIS offers lectures on astronomy and astrophysics at Freiburg university and trains young scientists.

Picture of the Month

0.000 000 000 5 metre (= 0.5 nanometres = 0.5 nm), this tiny distance is how the two plates made of quartz glass fit together. Over an extension of 25 cm in diameter, the distance between the two plates varies by less than the distance of two neighbouring atoms in a silicon crystal. These two glass plates make up the Fabry-Perot interferometer of the VTF.

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