CASSDA - Centre for Advanced Solar Spectro-polarimetric Data Analysis

VTT (B. Sánchez-Andrade Nuño, IAG)
VTT (R. Schlichenmaier, KIS)
Data Processing Scheme
CASSDA = collaborative team

The Leibniz-Institut for Solar Physics (KIS) is the leading institute operating the German solar telescopes at the Observatorio del Teide (Tenerife):

  1. The Vacuum Tower Telescope (VTT), a reference in the international solar physics community, for the observation of the solar photosphere and chromosphere with high spatial resolution, and
  2. The 1.5m GREGOR telescope - Europe's largest solar telescope.

For this reason, the KIS is committed to train students and young scientists in the observing procedure and data handling, to further exploit the observing and data processing facilities. In addition,  in order to enlarge the scientific outreach, the data from the solar observatories has to be opened to the international solar physics community. After the standardisation of the data analysis procedure, the processed data should be released in an automated manner to a public data archive, e.g., the Virtual Solar Observatory. 

The CASSDA project (Centre for Advanced Solar Spectro-polarimetric Data Analysis) is conceived to provide to the solar physics community with accurate spectroscopic and spectro-polarimetric datasets observed at the German telescopes. This project has been awarded by the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation of the Leibniz Association with funding. 

CASSDA is embedded within the Experimental Solar Physics Department of the Leibniz-Institut for Solar Physics (KIS).


CASSDA started its activities on July 1, 2012, with a starting project duration of three years.  The duties of the CASSDA members on data processing and data analysis are driven by a scientific research program on photospheric-chromospheric coupling based on spectro-polarimetric measurements. The CASSDA project ended in September 2017.


The CASSDA activities include collaborations with AIP (Potsdam, Germany), MPS (Göttingen, Germany), and IAC (La Laguna, Spain).