Panoramic view of Teide observatories (courtesy Martin Federspiel)
GREGOR (left) and VTT (right) with open domes.
Teide observatory. Pico del Teide is in the upper left. Two peaks of La Palma can be seen in the upper right.
Teide observatory.

The Canarian Archipelago offers some of the best observing sites for astrophysical research within the northern hemisphere. A favorable climate and laminar airflow conditions allow for observations of outstanding quality. 

The Leibniz-Institute for Solar Physics started solar observations on Tenerife in 1972 and maintains the observatory with different telescopes together with its national partners. 

The Vacuum Tower Telescope VTT (right in the upper picture) became operational in 1989. In 2013 the solar telescope "GREGOR" (left from VTT) started its scientific operation.


For questions about the observatory, please contact the head of the German Solar Telescopes on Tenerife: Dr. Reiner Volkmer